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Penguin Chat

I found an interesting post by Rsnail on his blog about Experimental Penguins and Penguin Chat.

Experimenting with Penguins

February 21st, 2011

“Way back in the winter of 1999 I had an idea to create a multiplayer strategy game with penguins. But could Flash 4 do it? Was the internet ready? I decided to start small and create Experimental Penguins. (Launched July, 2000)

Experimental Penguins was my first attempt at developing a multiplayer game. It was pretty simple. Each player could give their penguin a name, chat and explore a four room world. I was surprised by the success.

Sadly Experimental Penguins was closed one year later due to server costs.

In 2001 I starting working on my multiplayer strategy game again. This was quickly interrupted when companies started asking me to develop character chats for their websites. After building a couple custom chats, I decided to build the next version of Experimental Penguins called Penguin Chat.”

Click Here to Read More

This is a video of Experimental Penguins, posted by Rsnail.

That’s interesting. You can play what I think is some sort of remake of Experimental Penguins here. (But it’s called Penguin Chat)

Not much to do, but remember this game was just a test.

Also, I found Penguin Chat . You can get in the game but you can’t walk or anything, you can click on the arrows to get to other rooms. It isn’t multiplayer either. Just to see what it looked like, you can view it  here.

I’ll add some more to this page soon.


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  1. when will penguin chat start please tell

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