March 1st News

Excellent. Make room for the Puffle Party! Though it sure is weird that Herbert hasn’t made an appearance yet. What is that miscreant planning? Anyway, the puffle party. Organized by PH , this shall be interesting. She’s talking about some sort of surprise, I wonder what it is? Oh wait, I ALREADY KNOW (Well, I […]

Rockhopper’s Quest Sneak Peek

It looks like Happy77 has time traveled to the future and recorded this video to show us a preview of Rockhopper’s Quest. Nice pirate gear, Happy. Heh heh. What do you guys think of this? Leave your thoughts in the comments. I’m not sure what to think, I mean, where did Happy77 get a time […]

The new author of this site

Hi! I am the new author of this site and I am excited to start giving updated cheats from club penguin. I hope to see you around cp sometime! -paulwag

Rockhopper Has Arrived

And he is currently fixing up his old crappy ship. Because it’s crap. He’s gonna need your help soon , he needs a pirate crew because he’s too afraid to explore Shipwreck Island alone. He will set sail on the 26th, so be ready. !!Blue Puffley

Rockhopper Spotted

Rockhopper has been spotted in the telescope! He will be arriving on the 16th, and will be looking for a pirate crew to go on the journey to Shipwreck Island. Yeah I’m probably not invited because I’m not a member. 😛

Fashion Show Coming Soon

So apparently there’s going to be a fashion show starting on Feb. 1st. Thrown by Cadence, it seems. According to her it’s going to be ICE … Wow. I wonder when she’s going to realize how stupid that sounds. Well, I bet there’s going to be prizes. And I bet only members will be able to […]

Underwater Expedition

Ah, what a peaceful day it is on Club Penguin. Everypenguin is at the beach, having a good time. The sun is out, the beach is flooding, and the island is tipping.. WAIT WHAT? Yes, that’s right, the entire island is tipping over. And you have Rookie to blame. Apparently, the dodo wanted to sink […]