Sneak Peek

New Club Penguin series 12 plush puffle toys!

Hey guys, sorry for not posting, Im back! Anyways, Billybob made a new post of a huge sneak peek of the new puffle toys coming soon! Heres what he said! ———— Hello Penguins! I’m excited to tell you about some new plush puffle toys coming to stores in North America, the UK and Australia! They’ll […]

A New Club Penguin Sneak peek of Rockhoppers quest by clubpenguin!

Clubpenguin uploaded a new video onto youtube about a sneak peek of the next party, Rockhoppers quest which is starting on Feburary 24. Here is the video: What do you think of the sneak peek? Tell us what you think below!

More on Rockhopper’s Quest

I found this on the membership page. This is some of the stuff you should expect at the upcoming event on the 23rd: Hall of the Viking Lords? Actually sounds pretty cool to me! ‘Tis a shame I’m not a member…   !!Blue Puffley  [Previous Post]

New Play: The Vikings That Time Forgot

Hey guys, Happy77 showed us a little preview of the upcoming play. Apparently it’s going to be two plays combined. So, that’s kind of neat I guess. !!Blue Puffley  

Rockhopper is Returning

Well it looks like Rockhoppper is coming back very soon! On the 23rd of February. And he has a quest for everyone. Looks like it’s going to be a viking-themed quest, and there is going to be a cave to explore. 2 parties in one month? AWESOME! 😀 !!Blue Puffley 

Club Penguin Fashion Show Tomorrow!

Now I’m going to be honest here, I’m not really all that excited about it because it’s a fashion show. But I’m sure there will be something there that will make it worth going to. Well, Happy77 posted this preview of the runway on the CP blog: It actually looks pretty decent. You know what, […]