Blue Puffley

March 1st News

Excellent. Make room for the Puffle Party! Though it sure is weird that Herbert hasn’t made an appearance yet. What is that miscreant planning? Anyway, the puffle party. Organized by PH , this shall be interesting. She’s talking about some sort of surprise, I wonder what it is? Oh wait, I ALREADY KNOW (Well, I […]

My Thoughts on the Coins for Change Book

Hey everyone, guess what? My comment was posted on the Club Penguin blog. I thought I’d share it with you. !!Blue Puffley

Coins For Change Book

Hey guys, Happy77 just made an announcement about a new book! Greetings Penguins! Happy77 here. Last month we asked you to tell us what you’d like say to the kids we’re supporting around the world through Coins For Change. We got such great responses from you that we decided to do something really cool… We’re going to make […]

Rockhopper’s Quest Sneak Peek

It looks like Happy77 has time traveled to the future and recorded this video to show us a preview of Rockhopper’s Quest. Nice pirate gear, Happy. Heh heh. What do you guys think of this? Leave your thoughts in the comments. I’m not sure what to think, I mean, where did Happy77 get a time […]

New Field Ops, and More Conspiracies

Git in there and do your mission, filly! GOOD , G is finally getting stuff done. I told him it wasn’t a mistake, I told him it was all a part of Herbert’s plan! But he still doesn’t believe it was Rookie’s fault. All because Rookie acts so ditzy. I tried saying it’s all just […]

Rockhopper Has Arrived

And he is currently fixing up his old crappy ship. Because it’s crap. He’s gonna need your help soon , he needs a pirate crew because he’s too afraid to explore Shipwreck Island alone. He will set sail on the 26th, so be ready. !!Blue Puffley

Herbert’s Escape: Conspiracy Theory

Now, I’m sure you’ve all done your field ops mission… This is what G had to say. I think Herbert’s escape was all part of an elaborate plan. But who helped him? Rookie. Now, hear me out. He tipped the island and tipped over Herbert’s cage in the process. I think he meant to do it. […]