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New Club Penguin series 12 plush puffle toys!

Hey guys, sorry for not posting, Im back! Anyways, Billybob made a new post of a huge sneak peek of the new puffle toys coming soon! Heres what he said!


Hello Penguins!

I’m excited to tell you about some new plush puffle toys coming to stores in North America, the UK and Australia! They’ll be available to purchase very soon.
Here’s a sneak peek:
Series 12 Puffles.jpg
In case you didn’t know, each Series 12 Puffle comes with a free code to unlock items online! Here’s what you get with every plush:
  • Puffle
  • Puffle Hat
  • 1 Treasure Book item
  • 1500 Coins
As always, we want to know what you think. Which new puffle toy is your favorite? What Club Penguin toys would you like to see in the future?
Let us know in the comments below!
Until then…Waddle on!
What do you think? Tell us below!

About paulwag

Hi I am a rare penguin on cp, a reired cp blogger and retired from cp armies. I also have recently quit cp. To contact me, use one of the below to contact me: Email: paulwag.wag@gmail.com twitter name: @paulwag2 ( Please follow me)

One comment on “New Club Penguin series 12 plush puffle toys!

  1. This is somewhat off the wall but lately as I’ve been getting older I’ve been reminiscing on stuff I played on at 10, 11 years old and it’s absolutely amazing to see that Clubpenguin is still going strong after all these years. The merchandise is adorable now, wish it was around back then.

    I played around a lot on these sites plus Club Penguin and became this WolfClan person at such a young age. I’m 18 now and still have this odd craving of wanting to get online to see what my favorite childhood game looks like.

    Oh the reminiscing. It’s good to see someone like Blue Puffley still around too. Thanks for the great times :3

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