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March 1st News

Excellent. Make room for the Puffle Party! Though it sure is weird that Herbert hasn’t made an appearance yet. What is that miscreant planning?

Anyway, the puffle party.

Organized by PH , this shall be interesting. She’s talking about some sort of surprise, I wonder what it is?

Oh wait, I ALREADY KNOW (Well, I know part of it) :p

It looks like you’ll be able to become your pet in a puffle play zone. For members only. Horrid! Whatever shall the nonmembers do?

Wellp, the party starts March 15th, I believe. So be prepared! Perhaps Herbert will finally do something, because the wait is getting boring.


About Blue Puffley

I'm Blue Puffley! I am the owner of this site. I have currently have one author, Paulwag. I am looking for a few more. We will update you on the latest Club Penguin news and cheats. I will also share some of my wacky CP conspiracy theories with you!

One comment on “March 1st News

  1. Blue Puffley, it’s Mr Mohawk! I just ran into you on the Slushy server trying to tip the iceberg but you logged off as soon as I brought up your player card! Crazy coincidence…

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